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I have gotten several requests about the natural products that I use, so.....I decided to make a page on my website all about my natural, DIY products. It is SO comforting to me that I no longer use chemical products on my kids, or in my home and I hope that everyone finds this information helpful and useful in making their home a chemical free environment.

Lemon Dishwasher Wash (I can't call it a detergent because it ISN'T, so lets call it what it is, its a wash.)

This stuff works just about as good as the dishwasher "detergent" you use at home.  It works even better if you have soft water.  If you don't, you will probably get the results that I get, the clear glasses do have some film on them, but I was getting this with the store bought expensamundo stuff.  So for me, it is worth it.  Also, you DO NOT need alot of this stuff for it  to work. And without further ado, here is the recipe:

Lemon Dishwasher Wash
  1/2 Cup of Baking Soda
1/2 Cup of Sea Salt
1/2 cup of Citric Acid
Directions: Mix the above ingredients (minus the essential oils) in a jar or glass container that you can easily scoop out of.   Once fully mixed, add the teaspoon of essential oils and mix up until it is evenly distributed. When you are ready to use, add 1 tsp to the dishwasher thingy where you put the dishwasher stuff in (i don't know the technical name).  If your dishes are SUPER dirty, add 1 tsp to the one that closes and 1 tsp to the one that doesn't. 

OK, so before you freak out and say, "I don't have all the stuff, ugh!"  I am going to show you where to get it, and for cheap.  Also, you do NOT need essential oils, it works just the same without it.  I just LOVE the smell of Lemon and Lemon is also a disinfectant.  Baking Soda can be found in any grocery store, of if you want to buy it bulk, the link will take you to my favorite online shop.  Fry's food and drug carries sea salt in bulk in their natural food section.  You can almost always find it on sale at Fry's, Sprouts, or another health food store.  Citric acid is a VERY important ingredient.  This is the stuff that gets rid of the chalky white crap on your dishes.  I got my Lemon essential oils when they were on sale for only $10.00 for 16oz's.  If you are SO wanting the essential oils, just watch the website and they will go on sale soon enough! Oh, and one more thing, if your using the vinegar rinse aid like I do, whe you put the powder into the thingy's it will start to fizz.  The kids LOVE this! Heck, I LOVE THIS!!  lol!  Have Fun!


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