Friday, August 3, 2012

And the Winning Logo is............

Ok, I have a dilemma.  There are two logos that basically tied, so I need to have another vote.  ONLY ONE VOTE ON ONE LOGO ALLOWED!!!  LOL! I had ALOT of people vote for 2 logos and it was making it VERY difficult to tally up.  I also made the mistake of introducing another logo midway through the vote, and instead of voting on number 4, people then started voting on number 5.  So, I am sorry to do this again, but I need to have another vote on just the 2 logo's.  THANK YOU!

LOGO #1 : I took into consideration that several of you liked this one, but didn't like that it wasn't bold enough.  So, I changed the font, darkened the purple a tad and made the font BOLD.  Looks better, No?

LOGO #2 : This one didn't need any changes, so it was left alone. 
I LOVE both of these, so I cannot make up my mind and I need you to do it for me.  HAHA!! 
Now go VOTE!!....again please :)

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